Courier delivery time: 09:00–21:30

Once the order has been placed the delivery of goods takes up to 1-2 hours

Delivery in Tallinn is paid.

Please note

In case the name of the recipient specified on the delivery address and time is missing, courier is allowed to pass the ordered goods to the trusted third party (relatives, neighbors, hotel administration and other persons).

In case we are not able to contact you and specify the delivery details or pass the goods to the trusted third party – the courier will transport the flowers back to our flower shop

Charges apply for repeated courier delivery.

If the customer declines the repeated delivery, the refund is not acceptable as the company’s expenses have been incurred.

Please note that all orders are being processed once we have received the full payment.

Order cancellation:

The minimum order cancellation time is 5 hours. No refund will be made, if an order is cancelled in less 5 hours.

Orders delivered by Mishka courier service and more than 15 km away from the shop location at Tartu mnt. 24, Tallinn, may be cancelled in 12 hours. No refund will be made, if an order is cancelled in less than 12 hours.

If the merchandise ordered by the Customer is not available, or if the merchandise replacement does not suit the Customer, the order will be cancelled. An order may be cancelled in part or in full. The Customer may cancel their order within the shop business hours. In the event of a partial cancellation, the Seller may ask the Customer concerning execution of the remaining order – whether it needs to be fulfilled or cancelled, as well.

In the event of an order cancellation, the amount paid by the Customer will be refunded as fast as possible, though no later than 14 days after the order cancellation is confirmed.

To make the right to of a 14-day refund enforceable, the merchandise may not be used in a manner other than necessary to verify the merchandise nature, properties and functions, and in a manner other than allowable for testing in a brick-and-mortar store. If the merchandise has been used in a manner other than necessary to verify the merchandise nature, properties and functions, or if the merchandise bears traces of use or consumption, the Seller shall be entitled to reduce the refundable amount according to the merchandise value reduction. The Buyer shall return the merchandise within 14 days upon notice, or provide evidence of the fact that they have handed the merchandise over to the merchandise deliverer. Upon receipt of a returned merchandise, the Seller shall refund all amounts paid to the Buyer at once, no later than within 14 days upon receipt of a merchandise rejection notice. The Seller may refuse to make the refund until the item in question is received, or until the Buyer provides evidence of shipping the item back, whichever occurs earlier. If the Buyer has clearly opted for a method of delivery other than the Seller-suggested least expensive method of delivery, the Seller shall not be required to refund any expenses in excess of the regular delivery cost. The Seller may withdraw from sales and request the Customer to return the merchandise, if its price specified in the online store was much below the merchandise market value.

When necessary, the Seller may reject an order at any time by paying the full prepaid amount back to the Customer.

The company is not responsible:

If the customer specified delivery address and contact details are wrong. If the recipient declines to accept the order or does not specify the desired time of delivery.Unpaid orders are kept for 2 hours after the order time you specified. Then the order is canceled and the bouquet is put up for sale. Orders are collected exactly at the time you specified when ordering. If you want to pick it up earlier or are late, please notify the operator. Thank you for understanding!

How to buy flowers

It is very simple to buy flowers from our Internet shop

  1. Familiarize yourself with our assortment
  2. Click on the product for additional information
  3. Add the product into the shopping cart by clicking on the corresponding icon
  4. Now you can pay for the goods or continue shopping
  5. To pay for your order go to the shopping cart by clicking it on the top-right corner of the webpage
  6. In the cart you will find a list of chosen goods: you can change the quantity of the goods
  7. Before paying carefully fill and check all the forms
  8. For further purchases we recommend registering on our E-shop: it is absolutely free and will significantly speed up future purchases
  9. You can pay by Bank, Credit Card or PayPal or cash
  10. We shall process your order as soon as we have received confirmation of your payment

If you have any further questions, we will be happy to answer!

Thank you for choosing us! Enjoy your shopping!


In the absence of the goods ordered by the Customer and in case of unsuitability of the replacement goods, the Merchant shall cancel the order. The order can be cancelled in part or in full. The Customer will be notified immediately of the cancelled order. In case of partial cancellation, the Merchant may inquire about the Customer’s wishes for handling the rest of the order – either to send it or to cancel it too.

Upon cancellation of the order, the amount paid will be refunded to the Customer as soon as possible, but not later than within 14 days from the confirmation of the cancellation of the order.

In order to exercise the 14-day right of return, the ordered goods may not be used in any other way than is necessary to verify the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods in the manner permitted for testing the goods in a physical store. If the goods have been used for purposes other than those necessary to verify the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods or there are signs of use or wear, the Merchant has the right to reduce the refundable fee according to the decrease in the value of the goods. The Buyer must return the goods within 14 days of submitting the corresponding application, or provide proof that he or she has handed over the goods to the carrier of the goods within the aforementioned period. Upon receipt of the returned goods, the Merchant shall return to the Buyer without delay, but not later than 14 days after receipt of the withdrawal application, all fees received from the Buyer on the basis of the contract. The Merchant may refuse to make refunds until it has received the item which is the subject of the contract or until the Buyer has provided proof that he or she has returned the item, whichever takes place earlier. If the Buyer has explicitly chosen a delivery method different from the cheapest usual delivery method offered by the Merchant, the Merchant does not have to return to the Customer the cost that exceeds the cost related to the usual delivery method. The Merchant has the right to withdraw from the sales transaction and reclaim the goods from the Customer if the price of the goods in the online store is marked significantly below the market price of the goods due to an error.

If necessary, the Merchant has the right to cancel the order, by returning the full paid amount to the Buyer.

Return policy

In accordance with the consumer protection law of the Republic of Estonia (26.04.12, NR.1-1/12-019) the warranty does not cover the right of return of perishable goods, including flowers

The 14-day return does not apply to goods that are:

  1. Perishables.
  2. Custom made or are in accordance to customers provided conditions.

Taking care of flowers

Freshness instructions

Each person wants a bouquet given by a loved one or purchased to decorate the interior and uplift, to please for as long as possible. But, unfortunately, the flowers are short-lived, and the cost of the bouquet is disproportionate to the duration of his life. It is important to know that cut flowers are alive and react sharply to temperature and humidity. The best temperature for cut flowers is +2°C … +7°C. Each variety has its own life span, respectively, the different components of the precast bouquet have a different period of withering. If you want the bouquet or composition to please the maximum amount of time, our care recommendations will help you:

  1. Make an oblique cut of the stems, at an angle of about 45 degrees, 2-3 cm with a sharp knife or secateurs. Such a cut will significantly increase the surface for water adsorption by the plant.
  2. Update the oblique cut of the stems with each change of water, which should be carried out daily, if special top dressing for cut flowers is not used. Wash the vase with an antibacterial detergent every time you change the water
  3. Fill the vase with clean, cool water so that about 1/3 of the stems are in the water. If the leaves fall into the water, then they must be removed, because they contribute to the decay of water, and, accordingly, the withering of flowers. You can use special dressing for cut flowers. Do not add sugar or other substances to the water, this can lead to the growth of bacteria, and spoilage of flowers.
  4. Choose the most suitable place for arranging a flower vase or composition. The ideal place is cool, with an influx of fresh air, away from direct sunlight, drafts, heating devices, fruits and vegetables.
  5. Keep track of the amount of water in the vase, many flowers, such as tulips and peonies, consume it in large volumes.
  6. Add water to the center of the flower arrangement once every 1-2 days as the floral sponge dries.
  7. If there are flowers in the bouquet on floristic extension cords, it is necessary to add water to the flask, as the flower consumes it.
  8. Do not leave the bouquet without water for a period of more than 15 minutes.
  9. Do not leave bouquets and compositions in a car with an idle engine for a long time, especially in hot and cold seasons.
  10. Do not carry bouquets and compositions along the street without insulation at temperatures below +2°C.
  11. Decorative elements on wooden extensions and short branches of greenery in a bouquet do not require special care and water nutrition.

Friends, if the bouquet wilted partially or completely too quickly, make sure how carefully you followed our recommendations.

We carefully monitor the freshness and quality of our bouquets and want them to please you as long as possible!